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A reliable supplier in the construction chemicals industry with over 30 years of experience.

We are empowered in the field of construction chemicals!

We are one of the leading suppliers in India that excel in the field of construction chemicals. At Techny Chemy, we create uniqueness and consistent performance in everything we do.

  • Techny Chemy is an ISO certified company.
  • We are a powerful end-to-end solution provider
  • All sustainable products and services are available under one roof.
  • Contains a wide variety of construction chemicals.

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Our Products

Water Proofing Coating



Corrosion Prevention

Repair Products

Epoxy Floorings


Tiling Aids

Protective and Decorative Coatings

Surface Applied Treatments


Industrial Floor Hardener

Why Technychemy?

  • Unique

    Comprehensive services - There is no comparable firm in India that delivers all under one roof. We get repeat business which talks that we are unique. We do not rush upon our clients.

  • Expertise

    We have an experienced technical team who inspect and suggest solutions we give options and associated budgets which are calculated on actual. We have our technical director who has 3 decades of experience in this construction chemical and who has been loyal to this industry.

  • Results driven

    We are result-oriented that's why we give a guarantee for our products and the work we do. We give quality product and services.

  • Quality

    We have trained & skilled labourers to attend any type of work. The quality is monitored by our site engineer and project coordinator.

  • Timely completion

    We work under schedule. We meticulously plan our activity before even we kick start work so any snag from the construction site will be intimated well in advance to avoid any project delays.

  • Co ordination

    In this type of application work coordination is a key to the satisfactory completion of work. Our project coordinator will visit the site and coordinate with the client, architect, structural consultant, site engineers for smooth completion of projects.

  • Customization

    Service works are tailor-made suiting to each client because the building is different and the causes could be numerous. Many times products are even manufactured to suit the client needs. Trails are conducted by our research team which gives products to satisfy the customer. So innovation is part and parcel of our team.

  • Big Vs Individual clients

    We treat every customer as equal and does not differentiate in terms of the value of work. We even attend very small work from 10sqft to 10 lakh sqft. For us, the customer is a focus and his satisfaction is our greatest drive to service.

  • Future 'Techny Chemy' Framework

    Trends are identified by envisioning the market from a three-decade experience, introducing new products in the area of interest and 'folding the future view in' to meet the 'current need' of the market.

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We strongly believe that Quality is never an accident, but the result of high intentions and sincere efforts.

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